Rose village Lottum

The Foundation Lottum Rose Village was established to promote Lottum as the Rose Village of the Netherlands. The many volunteers are committed every day for organizing the Rose Festival, the maintenance of the rose gardens and manning the Rozenhof.

About the Foundation Lottum Rose Village

Rozenfestival 2008 (Klik voor een grote weergave)

Events such as the Rose Festival, the open days at rose nurseries and the Rose Bike tours are organized by the Foundation Lottum Rose Village. This foundation aims to put Lottum as 'Rose village of Netherlands' on the map. To give the Dutch Top rose even more attention and market value, the foundation has also contributed to the realization of the Rozenhof, a combination of a knowledge centre and a rosary with Top roses. Foundation Lottum Rose Village consists purely of volunteers. Around 75 people in fourteen different committees are committed to the promotion of the Rose Village. Some of the committees are still looking for enthusiastic members.