Rose village Lottum

The Foundation Lottum Rose Village was established to promote Lottum as the Rose Village of the Netherlands. The many volunteers are committed every day for organizing the Rose Festival, the maintenance of the rose gardens and manning the Rozenhof.


The Board of the Foundation Lottum Rose Village consists of:

Chairman: Jan Huijs
Secretary: Lenny Martens
Treasurer: Christa Wagemans
Board members: Marc van Helden, Bob Obers, John Egelmeers and Ellie van Rens.

You can contact the foundation through the secretariat:

Stichting Rozendorp Lottum (Foundation Lottum Rose Village)
Markt 2
5973 NR Lottum
The Netherlands
Tel: +31(0)77-4631688
KvK nr: 41064023