Rose village Lottum

The Foundation Lottum Rose Village was established to promote Lottum as the Rose Village of the Netherlands. The many volunteers are committed every day for organizing the Rose Festival, the maintenance of the rose gardens and manning the Rozenhof.

Rose Village Lottum

Het oculeren van rozen (Klik voor een grote weergave)

It was chaplain Lichtevelt who introduced the cultivation of roses in Lottum. For health reasons he spent some time in France, where he learned the trade of nurseryman of the monks in Vichy near Orleans. Back in Lottum he taught his brothers this craft. Early 1900 the roses appeared in Lottum. Until World War II roses were grown in combination with other crops. After the war, during reconstruction, production of roses increased. Currently in Lottum and its surrounding area about 20 million roses are grown each year. This represents approximately 70 percent of Dutch rose production! Indeed it can be said that Lottum is the rose village of the Netherlands.
In August 1999 Lottum was delighted by the arrival of her Majesty Queen Beatrix. She christened a new rose species as the Rose 'Duchess of Limburg’. During her visit the queen received an original book written in Lottum, “Roses to eat".