Rose village Lottum

The Foundation Lottum Rose Village was established to promote Lottum as the Rose Village of the Netherlands. The many volunteers are committed every day for organizing the Rose Festival, the maintenance of the rose gardens and manning the Rozenhof.


Kwekers in rozenveld (Klik voor een grote weergave)

The Foundation Lottum Rose Village is a foundation that consists of purely volunteers, and has the objective to promote the rose and in particular Rose Village Lottum. To achieve this, many dozens of volunteers are working weekly and even daily during the summer for the foundation. The biennial Rose Festival is the largest event organized by the foundation, but also the "Week of the Pot Rose, the rosary and the Rose Knowledge Centre bear the stamp of the foundation. In over 20 years, the foundation put Lottum worldwide on the map, becoming one of the major tourist attractions in Northern and Central Limburg.