The Rose Festival

The Rose Festival is a biennial exhibition of hundreds of thousands of roses processed in beautiful rose mosaics, rose objects and rose gardens in and around downtown Lottum. The village is during these days one big sea of flowers, which in the last edition of 2014 was visited by over 50,000 people.


Rozenfestival 2014 72 (Klik voor een grote weergave)

During the Rose Festival you see roses and roses and more roses; around and near the atmospheric Market Square, the masterfully decorated church, all around the fairytale castle ‘de Borggraaf’ with its enchanting canals, along the romantic Kasteellaan (Castle Lane) and along the meandering river bed of the river Maas. Millions of rosebuds and tens of thousands of roses are processed in enchanting mosaics, show gardens and beautifully decorated objects. There are also hundreds of vases of fragrant outdoor roses, a wide range of greenhouse roses, a rose information centre, rose music, rose films, an outside garden fair, flower arranging demonstrations, rose dishes, a rose doctor, demonstrations on rose care, etc, etc. In short, during the Rose Festival Lottum is one big sea of flowers.

The Rose Festival 2016