The Rose Festival

The Rose Festival is a biennial exhibition of hundreds of thousands of roses processed in beautiful rose mosaics, rose objects and rose gardens in and around downtown Lottum. The village is during these days one big sea of flowers, which in the last edition of 2014 was visited by over 50,000 people.

Rose Festival 1991

10 and 11 August 1991 were historic days for Lottum. For the first time in 20 years a celebration for the roses was organized. The name changed from Rose Festivity into Rose Festival to make its ambitions immediately clear. However, back than no one to predict the Rose Festival would grow into an internationally renowned festival with tens of thousands visitors.

Rose Festival 1991 1 (Klik voor een grote weergave) Rose Festival 1991 2 (Klik voor een grote weergave) Rose Festival 1991 3 (Klik voor een grote weergave)